Welcome to Surgitools, where we offer clinician-driven medical innovations focusing on laparoscopic gynaecological surgery.

Our mission is to translate decades of surgical training and experience into simple products to make complex surgery easily reproducible.


Ingenuity is the bedrock of humanity.

Surgitools is proud to continue this legacy by developing innovative solutions to long-standing problems.

Clinician Driven

Surgitools innovations are driven by clinician know-how.

When you see a Surgitools product, you know it has come straight from one clinician’s mind to end up in another surgeon’s hand.


Surgitools products are straightforward and functional.

We are not interested in a solution that is more complicated than the problem.


Surgitools products respond to users’ needs.

If there isn’t a need for a product, Surgitools won’t be interested in it.

If you’re using a Surgitools product, you know our clinical team uses it too.